Ambler Architects

Ranch Heights Classroom Addition

The Program called for a new Early Childhood Center, comprised of four Pre-K and four Kindergarten classrooms.  In addition, the entire early 1960's school was to receive an interior facelift.


The existing entry to the building was a perennial problem with vehicular and pedestrian traffic clashes and poor access to collector streets.  The architect's response was to add a new 'front door' to the rear of the building, projecting a modern image and a glimpse of what awaited the children on the first day of school.  This new front door faces a collector street and provides proper access for parents and visitors.


Existing 1960 hallways received new carpet, paint, ceilings and energy efficient lighting.  The hallway walls were organized and marked for efficient way-finding and space was provided for attractive, organized presentation of student work.


The Early Childhood wing is at the new 'front door' of the school, allowing efficient parent drop-off and pick-up.  Pre-K and Kindergarten rooms are designed in pods of four classrooms around a common activity area, with natural ligt via skylights and north-facing windows.

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