Ambler Architects

Jane Phillips Medical Center

Campus Master Plan

Over the years, the Jane Phillips Campus had grown to the point that future expansions would be difficult unless parking was provided to serve all the existing medical facilities.

Ambler Architects was commissioned to design a new plan for the campus.  The plan called for the demolition of the outdated Geriatrics building and tunnel systems between buildings, more parking, and to take advantage of the pond as a centerpiece for the campus.

The final plan provided nearly double the parking, a relocated helicopter pad and future building sites around a center entry drive.  The parking is set in the center of the campus with the entry drive surrounding it and provides parking to all existing and future building sites.

The completed campus plan was recognized with an Honor Award by the Oklahoma Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects.

Patient Tower

This 10-story patient tower was designed to consolidate all the Patient Rooms in a new modern facility.  When first constructed, the upper floors of the tower were shelled in to provide future expansion space.

Since opening in the mid-1980-s, additional hospital departments have been constructed including a Wellness Center and Heart Center.  A second Catheterization Lab was opened in the fourth quarter of 2002.

The additional space we originally designed in the Patient Tower was well conceived and is continuing to provide good options for future expansion of the medical center today.

Location:  Bartlesville, Oklahoma

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