Located in Frank Lloyd Wright’s only realized skyscraper, we are proud to call the Price Tower our home.  This world famous structure has provided us with some of the most interesting design challenges.  While respecting the thoughtful design process of Wright, we have been able to showcase the extensiveness of our creative thinking through our studio environment.  This environment has truly influenced our thinking and continues to impact our design process on a daily basis.

At Ambler Architects, we desire to maintain an open work environment to nurture our continued education through group discussions.  Our studio space allows each team member to be involved in the project's life, whether assigned to the project or not.  This openness allows us to continue to learn from one another, grow closer as a family, and ensure a quality end product for our clients.


Ambler Architects utilizes the most current technology in every project we produce.  Our architectural projects are designed in Revit, a Building Information Modeling (BIM) software.

BIM Software, such as Revit, allows a project to be drawn in three dimensions from the initial concept phase, providing the architect and client with an early visualization of how the building elements will impact the overall design. 

Our consultants work with BIM software as well, allowing for integrated coordination and detailed consultation.  This provides a more efficient and thorough design process.